• Organically grown, using regenerative farming practices this Hard Red Spring Wheat can be used for distilling, or as an addition in beers to create a fuller body and mouthfeel.
  • Farmed organically, with regenerative growing practices, this beautiful raw Copeland barley makes a perfect grain for distilling or as an addition to your sour beers.
  • Chit Malt is barely germinated grains that add body and foam stability to your finished beers. A perfect addition to your hazys and NEIPAs!
  • Every great beer begins with a great malt. Locally grown, germinated in-house, and lightly toasted to maximize enzymatic potential. Next to water, Pale Malts comprise the bulk of your ingredients. Beginning with elevated ingredients offers a hint of Alberta-grown inspiration to your malt bases. Enjoy subtle notes of buckwheat honey, raisin, and almond that perfectly compliment heavy hop additions or unique yeast esters. Start your next brew right with this all-around powerhouse from the Alberta prairies.
  • Brewing is about vision and control, with undermodified malts putting you at the helm of both. Hogarth Malt’s Undermodified Pilsner Malt is lighter in colour than a traditional pilsners malt and features higher protein and starch content than its contemporaries. If your brewing features a protein rest, you can take advantage of this highly flexible malt by controlling your Alpha and Beta Amylase rests and maximizing the organic potential of locally-harvested grain. Make your recipes truly your own with our most true-to-grain offering.
  • Whether it’s an Irish Dry or an English Brown, roasted barley plays a vital role in bringing out the coffee and bitter chocolate complexity we love in dark styles. Even mild ales such as Ambers or Pub Ales gain a punch-up from additions of this lovingly roasted malt. The lower intensity, when compared to Organic Roasted Black and Organic Roasted Light Chocolate, means you can experiment with a higher dosage of this flavourful malt while still retaining the unique character of small-batch grains. Whether using a little or a lot, Organic Roasted Barley is your companion for superior colour and complexity.
  • Organic Biscuit Malt is your next secret ingredient for complex Belgian-inspired ales, malty lagers, and more. While deeply kilned malts will add significant colour and roast flavour, they can offset the delicate balance of milder or hop-forward beers. Organic Biscuit Malt offers greater cracker, toffee, and biscuit complexity than our premium base malts without discolouring your finished product or sacrificing convertibility. Bring your malt-forward beers to life with Organic Roasted Biscuit malt.
  • Slightly punched up color and a higher kilning routine provides a toasty malt sweetness that is excellent in a variety of beer styles. With notes of honey, bread and almonds, it is a delicious base for any brew. Try it with our specialty malts or on its own for your next beer! 3.5SRM
  • Grown here, and grown right. Light chocolate is the ideal malt for deepening colour complexity while imparting only mild roasted character to the finished product. With additions of 3%-7% in Red Ales or Ambers, you can expect rich walnut, dark chocolate, and earthy Arabica roast. For a mild and balanced Stout or Porter, a larger portion of Organic Roasted Light Chocolate in your specialty malt bill imparts a touch of complex roast while avoiding astringencies. Organic Roasted Light Chocolate is made from Alberta-grown pilsner malt, roasted at a more delicate temperature when compared to our Organic Roasted Chocolate. We hope you love brewing with it as much as we enjoy malting it.
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