• Our Munich malt can play both the main and supporting roles in your brewing recipes, whether it is used primarily as base malt, or as a specialty to just add the perfect color and flavor to your base malts, it will not disappoint. A beautiful amber, with notes of nutty, sweetness, still with great enzymatic potential, this robust malt is so versatile that you can find it in most beer styles, such as dark lagers, ambers, even porters and stouts.
  • Our Wheat Malt but kicked up a notch in the roaster to a beautiful brillant black wheat. Black Wheat is perfect for adding color while holding back on the bitterness often attributed to highly roasted malts.
  • Chit Malt is barely germinated grains that add body and foam stability to your finished beers. A perfect addition to your hazys and NEIPAs!
  • Slightly punched up color and a higher kilning routine provides a toasty malt sweetness that is excellent in a variety of beer styles. With notes of honey, bread and almonds, it is a delicious base for any brew. Try it with our specialty malts or on its own for your next beer! 3.5SRM
  • A roasted malt that finds itself in a category of its own.

    Notes of rich roasted coffee and a beautiful color, this malt can stand on its own. Alternatively, when paired with our other roasts it creates a unique flavor profile for your next brew.

  • This roasted rye brings out unique characters of the base malt, by showcasing notes of light baking spices, as well as adding dark chocolate to enhance your porters and stouts.
  • Our organic Hazlet Rye malt adds the token spice you expect from Rye. Used in higher percentages this malt offers a beautiful golden red hue to your brews. 8SRM
  • A malt like no other, brown sugar, tart fruity notes all combine to create a unique malt that can be added in varying quantities to any type of beer. Perfect for adding red and copper hues to your beer. Similar to Melanoidin, but with our own spin.
  • Sweet, honey with a bit of biscuit toast. Lovely addition to bring out sweet notes in any style of beer. Can replace light crystal malts in hop forward beer styles.
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