• Chit Malt is barely germinated grains that add body and foam stability to your finished beers. A perfect addition to your hazys and NEIPAs!
  • Every great beer begins with a great malt. Locally grown, germinated in-house, and lightly toasted to maximize enzymatic potential. Next to water, Pale Malts comprise the bulk of your ingredients. Beginning with elevated ingredients offers a hint of Alberta-grown inspiration to your malt bases. Enjoy subtle notes of buckwheat honey, raisin, and almond that perfectly compliment heavy hop additions or unique yeast esters. Start your next brew right with this all-around powerhouse from the Alberta prairies.
  • Slightly punched up color and a higher kilning routine provides a toasty malt sweetness that is excellent in a variety of beer styles. With notes of honey, bread and almonds, it is a delicious base for any brew. Try it with our specialty malts or on its own for your next beer! 3.5SRM
  • Our Munich malt can play both the main and supporting roles in your brewing recipes, whether it is used primarily as base malt, or as a specialty to just add the perfect color and flavor to your base malts, it will not disappoint. A beautiful amber, with notes of nutty, sweetness, still with great enzymatic potential, this robust malt is so versatile that you can find it in most beer styles, such as dark lagers, ambers, even porters and stouts.
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