About Hogarth Malt and Our Grain

The stories, people, and land that shaped our craft malting journey.

You learn a lot about craft brewing from being around it. For our family, that didn’t just mean drinking it—we’ve been making it since long before most know what it was.

From homebrewing up to the professional scale, the Hogarth family experienced the difference great malt makes. And, through friends and family in the agricultural industry, just how deep our connection to the soil goes.

Every batch of Hogarth Malt holds a commitment to the land, people, and practices that raised us. We opt for traditional methods instead of cutting corners with automation and machinery. In doing so, we preserve the integrity of both our product and our local economy.

Try for yourself and see the difference home-grown malt can make. $1 from every bag sold benefits local charities—just one piece of how we’re giving back to the community that supports us.

The Values

At Hogarth Malt, we believe in community building, transparent and sustainable business practices, authentic experiences and engagements, and above all, creating an equitable and inclusive environment for all who engage with us and our business.

This business is our home, and you’re welcome any time.

The Community

As part of our commitment to the community, we donate $1 from each bag of malt sold to charitable causes. While it may be small to start, it is just one of many commitments we make to big plans in a province of big hearts.

Once a brewer in one of Alberta’s most tenured craft breweries, Aaron has since turned his passion for memorable products towards malting. As the brewing scene exploded in Alberta, he felt there was a disconnect between the farmers and the brewers, and now helps tell the stories behind what makes beer from here so special.

Since the homebrewing days, Alex has been in an indispensable assistant role—cleaning bottles, caps, and helping keep the hoses straight. These days you will find her shovelling malt, inspecting grain, toying with websites, and all the in-betweens of a busy family business—not to mention, all the while running three kids all over the countryside.

Also known as the maltsters-in-training, this enthusiastic trio does require some tricky scheduling on the part of Human Resources. Still, Alex and Aaron wouldn’t have it any other way—they are the eager crew ensuring our events run smoothly. You will usually find them wearing Hogarth Malt merch, that is, if they haven’t outgrown each set by now.

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